ground swimming poolsIn Ground Swimming Pools

Performance Pools is your one stop shop for all of your in ground pool needs, whether you're installing a new one or simply renovating an old one. We carry all the equipment necessary to make your dream pool come to life.

Performance Pools can help you in constructing a new gunite pool, concrete pool or one with a vinyl liner and the best part is... your consultation is completely free! Our team will make sure to work with all of your needs and wants to come up with a pool design that suites both you and your family.

Performance Pools also helps with renovations of both gunite or vinyl lined pools. If your vinyl liner is worn down, for example, Performance Pools can help you choose a beautiful new pattern from one of the best manufacturers in the area. We do free estimates on liner restoration as well, and most installations can be done in one short day, leaving you and your family more time to enjoy your place of relaxation.

Performance Pools carries many other upgrades from motor replacements, electric ignition heaters, filter replacements, as well as whole new pumps. We provide the best equipment and service to make your pool the cleanest and most efficient pool there is.

Performance Pools can also aid in tile replacement and resurfacing in your gunite pool, as well as any coping you may need, whether it's brick or stone. Painting your pool can also become one less worry because the team at Performance Pools carries a variety of chlorinated, rubber, and epoxy coats and can take the job right off your hands! We at Performance Pools takes pride in our work and consider gunite pool installation and restoration one of our specialties, so make your free consultation today for a brighter and more relaxed tomorrow.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Performance Pools can help create or reconstruct your existing above ground pool to make it the pool of your dreams. We also carry the latest the greatest equipment to make sure your pool runs effectively and remains clean at all times, ultimately making your pool care a breeze.

If you're looking to build a whole new pool, Performance Pools can provide you with a custom kit that is able to fit comfortably in almost any location. We will then install the kit for you, making Performance Pools your one stop shop for your above ground pool needs.

Liner replacements to your existing pool also become a breeze with the help of Performance Pools. We can help you choose from a variety of different styles and patterns from our leading manufactures to match your pool to a tee. Installation is fast and easy, which means more time for you and your family to enjoy the luxury of your new pool.

The team at Performance Pools are experts in the latest equipment in pumps, filters, and heaters to keep your pool sparking clean and at the temperature that you want it. We also carry the latest innovations in lighting and saltwater systems, as well as other sanitizer options. Performance Pools is dedicated to meeting your pool needs, and transforming your pool into your own destination for relaxation!

Commercial, Public Use Pools

Performance Pools isn't only for small, backyard, leisurely pools; we can also help those who run commercial, public pools as well. We can provide consultations for any restorations you may need, as well as replacements for any heaters, filters, or pumps. The team at Performance Pools is well versed and up to date on the latest rules regarding compliance for your public pool, whether it is an apartment complex, hotel or motel, swim club, health club, or school. We do delivery on most chemical orders, and water chemistry experts on hand to make sure that the specifics are just right.

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